Stop Smoking Hinckley

About Vicky Tunaley, helping the people of Hinckley, Coventry, Leicester, Nuneaton and surrounding areas to stop smoking for good. 

About Vicky Tunaley

My name is Vicky Tunaley and I am a solution focused hypnotherapist and BWRT Practitioner.  I specialise in helping people to quit smoking and have developed a very effective quit smoking programme which I now use exclusively with my clients.

I smoked myself for many years and became plagued by a constant hacking cough, bronchitis and several chest infections that just didn’t want to shift.  Whilst smoking I didn’t want to think about the damage I was doing to my body or even admit to myself that it was smoking that was causing the problems.  You could say, like so many other smokers, I had been hypnotised into thinking smoking was okay.  I now work to hypnotise people out of this very destructive habit.

Words cannot say how proud I am of those people who have quit smoking with my help.  It is a humbling and rewarding experience to think that I may have diverted tragedy and helped people to move away from cancers and other health problems.  Nobody needs to smoke, it’s that simple.  

I trained with the prestigious Clifton Practice at one of their satellite learning facilities in Oxford.  This means that you can be assured that I offer a professional and competent service.

I am a member of various guilds and organisations, and abide by their Codes of Conduct and guidelines.

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